Why I used TrueCar when buying my new car

Recently I bought a new car and in order to make sure that I got the best possible deal a tried I new service called TrueCar. This is a price comparison service that is designed to help make sure that you know what you should be paying for your new car.

The reason that I used TrueCar when buying my new car was so that I could put myself into a stronger negotiating position and get a better price. TrueCar are a price comparison service, they will tell you how much other people in your area have paid for the same car that you are interested in buying. This information is incredibly valuable since it tells you how much you should be paying for your car. If a dealer won’t come down to the level you know that it is time to walk away and go someplace else.

new-carThe reason that you need to make a Price Comparison with TrueCar before you buy is that it levels the playing field between you and the dealer. In most negotiations the dealer has a huge advantage because he has all of the information. He knows what the dealership paid for the car and he knows what his bottom line would be, obviously he isn’t going to sell you a car if he is going to lose money on it. A fairly common tactic of car salesmen is to tell you that they can’t go any lower or they will lose money, usually they will tell you this at a price that is far above the point at which they will actually lose money.

Having a TrueCar report when negotiating for a new car means that I know whether or not the dealer is telling me the truth about what his bottom dollar is. Since I know what other people have paid for the car I know how low he is willing to go, or at least how low another dealer is willing to go if he won’t come down to this level. Knowing the price that I should be able to get on a new car makes negotiations a lot easier and ensures that I will get the best deal possible.

One of the other features that I really like about TrueCar is that in addition to telling me what others have paid for the car they will provide what they consider to be a fair price. The reality is that it is unlikely that you are going to be able to get the lowest price that you see listed on the report as this requires not only hard bargaining but usually also special circumstances and incentives that are not available to most people. The fair price will however tell you what you should be able to get for a price on a new car.