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Ford gives green light for next gen Focus RS

Ford gives its go signal for the production of the RS high performance version of the Ford Focus. This was according to a recent interview of Herman Gunnar, top executive for C segment models for German vehicle line.

The previous Ford Focus RS has an output of 305 horsepower on a front wheel drive. The car pretty much fits into the World Rally Championship thanks to its excellent handling attributed to the RevoKnuckle suspension setup.

The team developing the Ford RS will most likely stick with the front wheel drive configuration for the new version according to Hermann. He also denied earlier speculations that the Ford RS will be made into a hybrid vehicle that will use electric motors for the rear wheels.

Ford will also stick with the two wheel drive setup for the new Ford RS which worked well for its older sibling.

The Ford executive also added that the the new RS will be more powerful than the previous release and that power will be sustainable. He pointed to the RS500 limited edition for the UK that has 350 horsepower and the more potent ones even reaching 380 horsepower.

The vehicle is expected to roll out the Ford factories by 2014. It will retain the current RevoKnuckle suspension system and will make use of the 2.0L 4-cylinder Ford EcoBoost powerplant.

The Ford 2011 Kuga: It’s Comin’ Soon!

Ford 2011 KugaThe Ford Company is one of the big three that I think is going to outlive everything.  While personally, I am not a fan of Ford cars, I think that the Ford family is an all-American family and I think that they try their hardest to keep up with the demands for technology as they are from an age of no technology.

However, the new Ford 2011 Kuga is going to be one of the leading cars on the market I think.  It is going to be three-doors, which I think is pretty cool and while the BMW X6 is the competition, the Ford 2011 Kuga is going to have a much lower price.

The cool thing about the Ford 2011 Kuga is what is under the hood.  With a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine capacity of up to 178 hp, dual clutch transmission with Powershift and a full drive this car is going to blow everyone out of the water, which I think is the entire point actually!

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Ford Iosis MAX Concept Is Something Beautiful!

Ford iosis MAX concept Okay, so while I might not be the biggest Ford fan that ever lived, I can definitely appreciate someone whenever they are trying to come up with something and that is exactly what Ford is trying to do with their newest concept of the Ford Iosis MAX.  This beautiful car and I do mean beautiful because … well, have you looked at it?  Is going to be a Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) and this particular car has actually premiered itself at the Geneva Auto Show, which is pretty cool overall. 

This concept is extremely refreshing, the entire idea is absolutely incredible and the overall engine inside this concept car is breathtaking.  So let’s dive into some of the finer details of this car – for example, what it is powered by!  This car is powered by a 1.6-litre 180PS four-cylinder petrol engine from the EcoBoost family that features turbo charging and direct injection. With the engine, Ford has found out that the Ford iosis MAX has a 125g/km CO2 emissions level.

Of course, those are just the engine points; we have not even touched on some of the new door opening concepts or any of the lightweight materials that this car is using!  So really – research it, it’s incredible!

Four 2009 Pickups Faired Low during Crash Tests

Side Impact Test Truck GMCThe results of a recent crash test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety might make consumers think twice before getting four brands of full-sized 2009 pickups.

The research group reveals that the Nissan Titan which is not equipped with airbags for side impacts and the Silverado from Chevrolet were rated “poor” during the tests.

“Marginal” ratings were issued for the Dodge Ram that comes standard with side-impact airbags. The crew cab version of the Silverado was assessed as poor while the Titan that comes optional with airbags was also rated marginal.

The GMC Sierra also did not fair well getting the same ratings as its sibling, the Chevrolet Silverado.

The IIHS issues ratings in four categories: good, acceptable, marginal, poor.

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Ford Snatches Top Safety Picks

The Ford F-150 of 2009 earns the top pick as the safest of its class to roll on the roads. It garnered the Top Safety Pick among 72 vehicles chosen by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Five Ford vehicles add bragging rights to their fleet of 16 vehicles considered as among the Top Safety Pick. These cars are 2009 Flex, Fusion, Lincoln MKS, and Mercury Milan.

ford f-150

The big fleet of safe vehicles means that Ford overtakes Japanese car manufacturer Honda in the competition of IIHS safety. Ford also takes pride in the most 5-star rated vehicles among automakers.

The number of winners this year doubles the number of top picks in 2008 and has tripled the number of choices from 2007. Automotive experts attribute this to the conscious effort of car makers to adhere to the safety standards set by institution.

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