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BMW turns to U.S. market for help as sales in Europe drop

The economic crisis in Europe has been hurting car sales. This year, the car industry will most likely see the biggest drop in sales in a year in almost 19 years. With the dramatic drop in car sales and slowing markets in Asia, BMW is hoping to get a good boost from its dealers in the United States.

The German carmaker has recently shifted its inventor to the United States. A recent report confirms that thousands of vehicles meant for the European and Asian market were redirected to the United States. The demand for the Munich-made cars is still very high in the U.S.

The move was made possible by modern production processes. This means that vehicles are built by manufacturers to pass emission and safety standards in multiple markets instead of a specific country. This gives brands a better flexibility in case of economic slow downs.

Last September, BMW was able to deliver 234,928 units to consumers in the United States, a good 7.1% increase from the same period last year. The sales does not show any sign that it will be slowing down even with the struggling economy. So far, the car industry in the US might be able to sell a million more cars than it did back in 2011.

Every well has a bottom though, and it will not be a very good move to over supply dealers. In case the market slows down, those who are still in the hunt for a bimmer or other luxury brands may find themselves with a lot of options, and BMW dealers willing to negotiate to chop the inventory.

BMW set to introduce diesel models for M-division lineup

BMW is set to roll out a new line up of diesel models built for performance for their M-division this year. This M-division vehicles are set to make their debut during the motor show in Geneva this March.

First in the pipeline is the X5 M50d 4-wheel drive and the X6 M50d which are set to arrive this June. The rear drive versions of the M550d saloon and the Touring M550d which are designed for the UK and other markets using the right hand drive setup will be released by October.

The four vehicles is a first for the M-Division of BMW with all of them running on the newly engineered 6-cylinder 3.0L that runs on diesel. The new engine has an induction system with triple turbo which according to BMW insiders will set the new bar for performance and efficiency for the combustion engines in petrol or diesel formats.

The new vehicles will be the basis for the range of M Performance models. These line up will be marketed in between the top of the line standard BMW models and the M models based on their dynamic ability, performance, equipment and pricing. Like the M550d saloon, for example, will be placed between the M5 and the 550i.

The new diesel engine developed for the range of M Performance vehicles outguns the in-line six 3.0L twin turbo engine that is already widely used. It can output 376 bhp while revving 4000 thru 4400 rpm and a torque of 5545 pound feet while revving at 2000 thru 3000 rpm.

These numbers show that the new engine is 74 bhp more powerful and 103 lb feet more potent than the existing 3.0L six twin turbo, and when fitted to BMW’s 740d it gives out 126 bhp and a torque of 182 lb ft which on standards for diesel engines are very good numbers.

Although the M5 4.4L V8 petrol engine is 176 bhp more powerful, the M550d has 44 pound feet more torque.

The new engine for the M Performance units are coupled with the improved version of the automatic gearbox with eight speeds. This set up brings the M550d xDrive from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.7 seconds which is just 0.3 second slower than the M5. The saloon has a fuel mileage pegged at 44.8 miles per gallon for a combined cycle and a 165 g/km of carbon dioxide.

The M Performance units will receive subtle changes in styling so they can be distinguished from their M-car and standard BMW siblings.

2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo: The Price Tag Rocks!

2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo

When the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo was first released, no one really knew exactly what to expect … face it, was a BMW GT, what can you expect from that?  Well, now, the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo is actually extremely popular and with the $64k price tag on it … I can tell you that it is certainly a car that many people are going to want to get. 

The cool thing about the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo is that while it might not be in the states until next month, you can still order it at that price.  For a BMW, for me personally, I think that $64k+ is actually a really good price.  Not only are you getting a fantastic car, but a brand that you know.

Remember – the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo is a car that will get you noticed!

BMW Takes the Lead

bmw2BMW means business with the 2010 BMW 760i. Among other improvements, it features two more gears and two turbochargers — and you really can’t ask for better than that, in part because it places BMW Cars at the head of the pack when it comes to V-12 engines.

Evidently, BMW went the way of the V-12 engine specifically for two countries of consumers: the United States and Asia. Apparently, the stateside drivers have a thing for V-12s, being status conscious and gluttons for power.

The BMW 760i sees its debut in Shanghai, along with the 2010 BMW 760Li. Both cars feature a V-12 engine, comprised entirely of aluminum with 6.0 liters which have been direct injected. The cars are quite unlike their former predecessors, especially in terms of power. These two are not just charged, they are turbocharged — twice over. With all that power, you can get up to 62 miles an hour in less than five seconds — 5.6 to be perfectly exact.

’09 BMW 335d – Fast & Economical

Decades of car fans have been walking the difficult thin line between finding a fast and fun car and finding a car that has somewhat reasonable fuel consumption. European consumers have always been more mpg-concious, basicly because their gas prices have always been a lot higher — but today, with crude oil prices being as frivolous as Paris Hilton, Americans have also understood the importance of a fun car with decent fuel efficiency.

'09 BMW 335d

BMW understands this, and with their years of experience in building diesel engines, they’ve come up with a powerful 3.5 litre diesel engine for their latest generation — most affordably in the 3-series 2009 BMW 335d.

'09 BMW 335d

I have yet to test it out, but the numbers are very impressive. Photos thanks to BMW Talk, more info in their post!