Volvo’s 2012 S60 perfects safety test of NHTSA

According to the latest report of the NHTSA or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 2012 MY of the Volvo S60 is the second vehicle to garner perfect scores to each of their crash testing evaluation.

The S60 received 5 stars for the protection of its driver and its front passenger for the frontal crash at 35 mph test, protection of its driver and its rear passenger for the side impact test at 38.5 mph, and protection of the driver during the side impact test at 20 mph which simulates a slide to a tree or a pole.

The NHTSA has tested 73 cars released as 2012 models and so far about 21 of these vehicles have earned an overall grade of 5 stars for safety but aside from the Camaro of Chevrolet, only the Volvo S60 has perfected the ratings for each of the sub-section.

The safety standards of the NHTSA has been more stringent after a lot of 2011 model cars aced their standards. The crash tests of the NHSTA serves as a complementary test to the evaluations done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which tests similar but not entirely the same crash scenarios.

Some newly posted scores on the NHTSA website tag the Hyundai Sta Fe and the Jeep Liberty with a low score of 3 of 5 stars. The compact SUV from Hyundai did not do well on the side impact protection for the rear passenger. The Jeep Liberty was got a ding for the side and frontal impact tests.

So far only six of the 73 tested 2012 MY vehicles have garnered three stars but four of these vehicles are scheduled for a redesign or for axing from their respective lineups. Most cars were given 4 stars like the Honda Fit and the Subaru Outback.

Check out the videos below to have an idea how these tests go:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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