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Chrysler Dealerships: They Might Lose Hundreds More!

Chrysler Dealerships

It seems to me that Chrysler can not seem to catch a break.  While they seem to have had some successes in the ways of cars coming out and some brand new models being built, I have to say that since Chrysler Financial has taken a leave and GMAC has stepped in, the dealerships are having a very hard time in meeting the terms set forth.

That is the reason that Chrysler will most likely lose upwards of 145 more dealerships just because they can not get financed at all.  The main reason?  Because GMAC is asking for more collateral than Chrysler Financial was and they are looking for the dealer to actually alter their lending structure.

In total – Chrysler has closed up about 1,000 dealerships, simply because of the financing problems this year alone.

2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo: The Price Tag Rocks!

2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo

When the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo was first released, no one really knew exactly what to expect … face it, was a BMW GT, what can you expect from that?  Well, now, the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo is actually extremely popular and with the $64k price tag on it … I can tell you that it is certainly a car that many people are going to want to get. 

The cool thing about the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo is that while it might not be in the states until next month, you can still order it at that price.  For a BMW, for me personally, I think that $64k+ is actually a really good price.  Not only are you getting a fantastic car, but a brand that you know.

Remember – the 2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo is a car that will get you noticed!

Get Your First Official Look at the Renault Mégane

Renault MéganeI am really starting to become a big fan of Renault vehicles, and the gorgeous Renault Mégane is no acception.

Official pictures of this little piece of heaven were only recently revealed, and the car made its official debut at the last motor show in Paris. The styling cues are extremely sporty, but the hatchback is actually a family one, measuring out at 4.3 meters in length.

The front in is super sharp with sweeping lines and fluid headlamps. In profile, it slopes and swoops in a dynamic, sleek silhouette. Even standing still in a photograph, this baby looks like it can go, go, go.

Inside, the cabin is meant to make driving enjoyable. The forms are fluid, the dashboard is completely integrated, and the aesthetics are second to none.