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2011 Lexus LFA: Oh, It’s Wicked!

2011 Lexus LFA

Okay all you auto-heads out there that have just been waiting for your next fix – the brand new 2011 Lexus LFA is definitely if.  This is actually one car that it took me quite a while to wrap my entire head around, for it is by far one of the best prototypes out there.  This car has a top speed of about 202 MPH and it just looks really freakin’ cool!

This car has been described as a mystery wrapped in an enigma coated in carbon fiber and I have to say that this car is it for me.  While this car might not be a race car just yet, it is going to top the charts, just you wait.

Remember – 2011 is the year for the cars, all sorts of different and unique cars and the 2011 Lexus LFA is just one of them!

What Do You Think of the Suzuki Kizashi?

Suzuki KizashiThe Suzuki Kizashi is the auto manufacturer’s brand new flagship, as well as Suzuki’s very first entry into the highly competitive segment of all wheel drive sport sedans. It takes on from where the automaker’s three concept vehicles left off — incidentally, they all featured the same name and were all three unveiled within the past two years. The main aim of the Suzuki Kizashi is to combine a premium, high quality design aesthetic with dynamic performance features and attributes.

The car features a very conservative design on the exterior, heralded as smoothly mixing Japanese craftsmanship with European style. All the same, the profile is quite sporty.

Inside, the features have finishes made of high quality materials, as one would expect in a flagship sedan. It is consider more upscale than many other of Suzuki’s vehicles.

Michelin sweeps Consumer Reports’ largest ever tire test


We all know that your tires are something that you need to keep updated.  If you are having problems slipping and sliding on the road, it is probably all due to the fact that your tires are not in the best shape.  Well, I can tell you that if you are a quality-minded person that cares about the price but is willing to pay a little more to get a little more, Michelin is going to be the company for you.

To be honest, Michelin is one of the only brands that truly conduct an annual tire test and they actually rate models on several different categories.  For example, wet, dry, ice, hydroplaning, snow traction, ice breaking, ride comfort, noise, rolling resistance and finally tread life. 

Michelin was the winner of this test and I have to say that they are awesome!  I have them on my car and they rock!