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Volkswagen’s Robust Pickup Truck: What?

Volkswagen's Robust Pickup TruckWhen I think of VW as a brand, the last thing in the world that I think about is them coming out with a truck.  Seriously, I think that VW was stuck with cars and some SUV’s, however a pickup truck I did not think was in their future.  Boy, was I wrong.  The Volkswagen’s Robust Pickup Truck is actually a brand new truck for Volkswagen and it is actually made in Brazil exclusively for the South American market.

The reasoning behind the Volkswagen’s Robust Pickup Truck?  Well, it is so that this particular brand can compete with the likes of Fiat Strada and also the Chevy Montana.  For 2010, the Volkswagen’s Robust Pickup Truck is actually going to have a bunch of power behind it, as it comes with a flex-fuel 1.6-liter engine that produces about 101 HP on gasoline or 104 ethanol, which is a very popular fuel in South America.

You want a new pickup truck by VW?  You will have to import it – however it will definitely be worth it!  I can promise you that!

Coulomb Technologies: They Will Legally “Sell” Energy For Electric Cars!

Coulomb TechnologiesWhen you think about it – what is going to happen when there are no more gas stations and everyone is just going to have to deal with electric cars?  This is something that I have thought about for a while now and honestly, Coulomb Technologies is one company that is trying to get in on the electric sales by really not selling electricity – but by selling it.  What is going to happen in the future is that there will be charging stations instead of gas stations.

Now to me, this is something that is different – weird and totally not cool, but let’s say that you are out to eat … you can leave your car in one of these charging stations and pay a set rate, like $2.00 and you can charge for just a 30-minute top off, or you can charge you car fully during dinner or a movie.

To me – it’s clever but I am not a fan for someone charging us for something else in the world – we are already in a recession, do we really need to be charged for anything more?

Cash 4 Clunkers Program: It Is Going To Live On!

Cash 4 Clunkers Program

I have to say that the biggest buzz on the internet lately is all about the Cash 4 Clunkers program.  This particular program is one of the biggest that the government has offered up and by far – I think the best.

Not only do you get to get some of those nasty and gas-guzzling cars and trucks off of the road, but you get to get people into cars that they can depend on … the best part though?  People are spending money again and that has got to be the one thing that Obama is doing that is good.

While the original budget started with one billion dollars for this particular program, another two billions dollars has passed by and I think that is actually pretty cool.  About 45% of all sales of cars and trucks right now are done via the C4C program and that is exactly why the economy is going to get better … thank god!