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Would You Drive a Hyundai for Better Gas Price?

hyundaiDo you remember what it was like to drive — and survive — last summer, when the average gas price pushed at about four dollars or more a gallon? None of us like to, but most of us cannot help but wonder what we will do if the same thing happens this summer. Many of us also remember Chrysler’s promise to guarantee their drivers an amazing price of less than three dollars a gallon — for a whopping three years, no less. We also remember that it fell through, because gas prices fell on their own.

Hyundai is now making a similar promise. Would you promise them to come through?

Consider this: on average, gas now costs around $2.60 a gallon, on the average. Hyundai is offering a guarantee that you can pay less than a dollar fifty. Gas prices have not been that low in five years.

Would you do it? Well, if you decide to, just remember to read all of the fine print as well.

Ford Iosis MAX Concept Is Something Beautiful!

Ford iosis MAX concept Okay, so while I might not be the biggest Ford fan that ever lived, I can definitely appreciate someone whenever they are trying to come up with something and that is exactly what Ford is trying to do with their newest concept of the Ford Iosis MAX.  This beautiful car and I do mean beautiful because … well, have you looked at it?  Is going to be a Multi Activity Vehicle (MAV) and this particular car has actually premiered itself at the Geneva Auto Show, which is pretty cool overall. 

This concept is extremely refreshing, the entire idea is absolutely incredible and the overall engine inside this concept car is breathtaking.  So let’s dive into some of the finer details of this car – for example, what it is powered by!  This car is powered by a 1.6-litre 180PS four-cylinder petrol engine from the EcoBoost family that features turbo charging and direct injection. With the engine, Ford has found out that the Ford iosis MAX has a 125g/km CO2 emissions level.

Of course, those are just the engine points; we have not even touched on some of the new door opening concepts or any of the lightweight materials that this car is using!  So really – research it, it’s incredible!

Bankrupt GM Turns to Batteries

gmLately, the big news — indeed, the only news — surrounding General Motors has been the fact that the manufacturer is busy filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now, however, GM is in the news for another reason. The big name automaker recently opened a battery lab which is already being called one of the most technologically advanced ones in the entire country. Rather than being based in Detroit, GM’s home turf, the lab is headquartered instead in Warren, Michigan. It is expected that the battery plant will help General Motors remain at the very forefront of technology, specifically in terms of advanced batteries.

The new facility is called the Global Battery Systems Lab. It is designed to help General Motors get plug in and electric hybrid vehicles onto the market at a faster rate. One such vehicle will be the Chevrolet Volt. GM will also be developing hydrogen fuel cell cars through the facility.

BMW Takes the Lead

bmw2BMW means business with the 2010 BMW 760i. Among other improvements, it features two more gears and two turbochargers — and you really can’t ask for better than that, in part because it places BMW Cars at the head of the pack when it comes to V-12 engines.

Evidently, BMW went the way of the V-12 engine specifically for two countries of consumers: the United States and Asia. Apparently, the stateside drivers have a thing for V-12s, being status conscious and gluttons for power.

The BMW 760i sees its debut in Shanghai, along with the 2010 BMW 760Li. Both cars feature a V-12 engine, comprised entirely of aluminum with 6.0 liters which have been direct injected. The cars are quite unlike their former predecessors, especially in terms of power. These two are not just charged, they are turbocharged — twice over. With all that power, you can get up to 62 miles an hour in less than five seconds — 5.6 to be perfectly exact.

Dealers of Foreign Cars not so Happy with Obama’s call to buy American

Cars rolling down the road of the USA may have been assembled in the US, Canada, Mexico, somewhere in Europe or Asia. It will be very hard to tell which cars came from which part of the globe and that is the very reason why members of the AIADA or American International Automobile Dealer’s Association is not so pleased with President Barack Obama’s call to “buy American”.

The group which consists of around 11000 foreign brand dealerships sees the view of distinguishing American brand as irrelevant in today’s globalized market. They point out that you may buy an American brand like Chevy but the unit has been assembled somewhere in Silao, Mexico or a Toyota assembled somewhere in Kentucky.

AIADA representatives say that what is important is the purchases made by the consumers. According to them, every unit purchased helps the US economy. Dealerships in every community are hopeful that they can close a sale and every consumer hopes they will be getting the vehicle that best meets their needs.

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