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’09 BMW 335d – Fast & Economical

Decades of car fans have been walking the difficult thin line between finding a fast and fun car and finding a car that has somewhat reasonable fuel consumption. European consumers have always been more mpg-concious, basicly because their gas prices have always been a lot higher — but today, with crude oil prices being as frivolous as Paris Hilton, Americans have also understood the importance of a fun car with decent fuel efficiency.

'09 BMW 335d

BMW understands this, and with their years of experience in building diesel engines, they’ve come up with a powerful 3.5 litre diesel engine for their latest generation — most affordably in the 3-series 2009 BMW 335d.

'09 BMW 335d

I have yet to test it out, but the numbers are very impressive. Photos thanks to BMW Talk, more info in their post!