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Mazda 3 2010 Expected to Exhilarate the Worldwide Market

Front Side mazda 3 2010The Mazda 3 of 2010 is expected to please the worldwide market as the car manufacturer taps into its pool of engineers and designers across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Mazda 3, which is the top brand of the company, will be getting a major make over by getting a new power plant, transmission, re-designed body, pimped interiors, and the works to please a car lover’s soul.

The chief designer of Mazda 3 made more than an evolution of the car by giving the car a bolder look with the stronger lines used. The emblem of the car company is sported with a five-point grille instead of using the previous generation’s two-piece setup. The line connecting the stocky rear to the lower front fascia gives the car a unique character.

The power plant beneath the hood is a 2.5L engine adapted from the Mazda 6. It boasts of 167 hp and a torque of 168 lb-ft. The braking system was developed to have new vacuum boosters to provide better control and response time.

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